Reducing hydrocarbon dependency with renewable energy initiatives

Soleo energies works continually with environmental and engineering experts from the private sector and from the government to verify and ensure the effectiveness of its potential renewable energy initiatives, specifically those electric projects which can affect whole communities.

With a community and environmentally friendly approach to energy we believe that through strategic partnerships we can provide both economic and environmental benefits to developing areas of the west indies.

Focused renewable energy development in developing economies


The firm of Soleo Energies was created to promote the economic development of the west indies primarily focused on Haiti. We pooled our experiences together and created a sustainable energy production firm with the aim of developing natural energy sources. The firm registered its trade name in March 22, 2011, and incorporated itself legally with the government of Haiti in June 16, 2011.

The mission of Soleo Energies is to develop natural sources of energies with the aim of reducing dependency toward the use of hydrocarbon for power production all the while reducing the negative impacts of human actions toward its environment.

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