Lower Saut Mathurine (LSM) power plant

Downstream of the existing Saut Mathurine power plant located on the Riviere Cavaillon, there exists the possibility of constructing a hydropower station of the run of the river type.

The LSM project will consist of a 2 meter high dam that will store and divert the flow to a silt trap and a forebay connected to a 2,360 meters long glass reinforced pipe (GRP) penstock of 1,219 mm in diameter.

The penstock will bifurcate into a two branches manifold that will provide the necessary flow to drive two Francis type turbines rated at 625 KW each. The proposed power plant will be connected to an existing 23 KV line via a high tension line of the same less than 200 meters long.

The hydraulic and hydrologic analyses have been performed for this project and the installed capacity has been estimated at 1,250 KW. The minimum yearly energy production is estimated at 6,069,748 KWH, and the maximum at 10,522,938 KWH.

The construction cost has been estimated at $8,600,000 which also includes cost on financing and contingencies.

The project preliminary studies have been performed and the feasibility verified both by the United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP) and Norwegian engineers.

The environmental impact studies have been completed, and submitted to the Ministry of Environment, and the Ministry of Agriculture. Following the approval of the environmental impact studies, we have applied and obtained the water usage permit.

The project is summarized in the table below

A preliminary financial analysis has been made on the mean annual energy production of 8,086,353 KWH, and a project cost of $8,600,000. The result of the financial analysis shows a satisfactory positive cash flow and IRR on the equity.


  • Head
  • Flow
  • Maximum Power
  • Average Power
  • Minimum Power
  • Turbine Type
  • Number of Turbines
  • Canal Length
  • Penstock Length
  • Penstock Diameter
  • Transmission Line Length
  • Min. Yearly Energy
  • Mean Yearly Energy
  • Max. Yearly Energy
  • 65
  • 2.32
  • 1,225
  • 923
  • 433
  • Francis
  • 2
  • 20
  • 2,360
  • 1.219
  • 0.200
  • 6,069748
  • 8,086,353
  • 10,522,938
  • m
  • m3/s
  • kw
  • kw
  • kw

  • m
  • m
  • m
  • km
  • kwh
  • kwh
  • kwh